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bardot.wtf is Switzerland's finest selection of tattoo supplies, inks, books and piercing jewelry.
Powered by the Zurich located shop for designer toys and graffiti supplies Büro Discount and supported by the Bern based graphic-design-collective Büro Destruct.

bardot.wtf ist ein Onlineshop für Körperkunst und Piercingschmuck.
bardot.wtf is an online-shop for tattoo supplies and piercing jewelry.

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Art Shop:
Visit also our gallery shop Büro Discount by Büro Destruct in Zurich/Switzerland!

Opening Times:
Monday 12:00 
Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday: 11:00 
Saturday: 12:00 – 17:00

Phone: +41 43 960 99 43
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Büro Discount by Büro Destruct, Zurlindenstrasse 226, CH-8003 Zurich, Switzerland.

Use cablecar number 3 from Zurich railway main station direction "Albisrieden".
Exit at station "Lochergut" follow the cablecar-line and enter "Martastrasse" on your left.